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Discussion in 'Politics' started by FredBloggs, Mar 7, 2006.

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    this guy is a grade A ASS HOLE!!!

    is this mans mission the destruction of the earth as we know it?

    who the fuck does he think he is?

    he has pig shit for brains.
  2. Yep, basically.
    I disagree vehemently however, that he is "a" grade in any terms.
  3. Bolton is ten times the person you will ever be, Fred.

    Remember that when you're downing your next pint and wondering why your lot has been so miserable.

    Good night!
  4. For shame, acro. Consider yourself reported to the Amerikan government.

    It's Guantanamo Bay for you! :p
  5. They did that already.

    Bolton is crap, i mentioned elsewhere my thoughts on his address to that all israeli sponsored speakfest-and he SUCKED.

    Now, im not certain what muslims may see as provocative, nor am i too concerned, because that would be silly. What might be relevant to address, is this:

    He continuosly pointed his index finger, was in fact holding a pen in that hand-gesticulating in such a manner, from what i gather, as to likely have been so offensive to muslims as to perhaps provoke a jihad, or fatwah of some sort.

    Im hoping RM will provide guidance on this, perhaps "interpret " for us the hidden meaning of boltons speech there.

    After all, we cant all rely on haps take.........

  6. Wow. How was the food? The view? The service?
  7. I was speaking metaphorically.
    And metaphorically, they suck big time in every regard. :mad: Metaphorically, of course.
  8. But of course...:p
  9. he's a byproduct of incest just like hapabitch.
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