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    We recently moved our offices and in the process I acquired a new trading desk. My original trading desk is available. It is a command-center style desk that sits on an approximately 11' x 11' square. It has three bays, each of which can easily accommodate two or more monitors and cpus. It is currently in storage (disassembled) and can be palletized for shipment. The desk is currently in Manhattan Beach California. (It was originally built in Alaska.) It is really an amazing desk that is beautifully built. It is modular and goes together quite easily; two people can assemble it in less than a couple of hours. There are some pictures here:

    Back Center
    Back Left
    Back Right
    Front Center
    Front Left
    Front Right

    You can reach me at

    Click here to email me

    Good trading,

    John Bollinger
  2. Marketsurfer, where are you?

    More trading history to buy!!! :cool:
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    John - you sure thats not your receptionists desk?

    (Thanks for the bands by the way)
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    what is this? is it on sale?
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  5. That's the original Bollinger Band Machine. Some people think the new solid state BBMs work just as well, but to get that "classic" Band you just have to go with the tube setup...
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    Its a valve amplifier where the maker has neglected to allow for bi-wiring of the loud speakers. If I were a gambling man, I'd bet there was a vinyl turntable from Linn or some such not too far away.
  7. yeah well, laugh if you want, we will be playing in Bloomington Indiana the Thursday before Labor day, there's a two drink minimum but ladies get in free before 8 pm. To learn more about our tour and soon to be released CD, check out We also have some fab pics of our new bass players dog who does some amazing tricks.
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    That is a small (8 watt) vacuum-tube amplifier that I built from a kit. It was my first tube-amp project and uses 4 10GV8 tubes in a push-pull configuration. It is currently used in my office and, yes, there is in fact a turntable next to it. I build vacuum-tube amps as a hobby, mostly what are known as single-end amps of very low power. If you are interested in this charming hobby involving tech from long ago, there is a bit about single-end amplifiers here; not very good, but it is a start.

    Sorry, but it is not for sale.

    Before you ask, yes, I build speakers too.


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    Wow. So are you an audiophile, or just like the technology?

    I met the guy who builds these speakers once....

    I needed to borrow a cartridge key for my turntable - turned out he built these. He had a pair of his 'air partner' speakers in his living room. Undoubtably the best speakers Ive ever heard. It was like you were INSIDE the instruments! I'd hate to be his neighbours - they're LOUD! Drove them with commercial valve amps and a Rega turntable. Outstanding.
  10. ill buy your desk if you tell me how to make money with bollinger bands.
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