John Boehner Favorability Hits Record Low

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    John Boehner Favorability Hits Record Low In New Poll

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) now ranks as the least popular member of top congressional leadership, according to polling released Friday by Rasmussen Reports.

    Fifty-one percent of likely voters rated Boehner unfavorably, giving him a net favorability rating of negative 20 and the dubious honor of replacing Nancy Pelosi as the most disliked member of congressional leadership, a position she held for several years in Rasmussen's polls.

    Boehner has taken what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called "a political battering" over his role in the fiscal cliff negotiations, but says he's not concerned he'll lose his speakership.

    The poll's results are the worst for Boehner since he took that job, with his unfavorables up 7 points from November, and only 55 percent of Republicans giving him good marks. Pelosi was not far ahead, getting unfavorable reviews from half of voters, while Reid had a 42 percent unfavorable rating.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had a lower unfavorable rating, at 36 percent -- perhaps good news after a poll from a Democratic firm found him to be deeply unpopular among voters in his home state.

    Vice President Joe Biden, who serves as president of the Senate, was the only lawmaker polled to get a net positive rating -- 49 percent viewed him favorably, and 45 percent regarded him unfavorably.

    Rasmussen's results are roughly in line with other polling. Surveys taken since the election by Pew and CNN/ORC gave Boehner 28 percent and 36 percent favorability ratings, respectively. Pelosi received a 31 percent rating in an August CNN/ORC poll.

    The Rasmussen poll surveyed 900 likely voters by automated phone between Dec. 18 and Dec. 19, with a 3 percent margin of error.
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    I thought you said Rasmussen was worthless? Or something to that effect
  3. They are highly biased for republicans which means Boehners numbers are actually lower
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    Boner is nothing but a career bureaucrat.
    Should have had his ass booted out long ago.
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    And you're posting this "news" here, why?

    Have you not noticed that practically every P&R regular conservative and libertarian in this forum has a low to very low opinion of "Boner"?

    Or maybe you just like to toot your own horn?
  6. 1.Its a politcal forum

    2.The news isn't just for conservatives its for liberals as well
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    LOL, yeah...on a TRADING website
    So your thumping your Tarzan.

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    2.Wasn't thumping my chest.This forum isn't just for conservatives and liberals might be interested in knowing that JB has sunk lower then Nancy
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    You'll manufacture/say/invent almost anything to <s>justify</s> rationalize your existence here won't you.
  10. Righties do seem to be pissed with Boehner but what do you want him to do /what would you do in his position ?
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