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  1. Read an article about him, interesting stuff. The story is (don't know if its true) that he made $750 mil for Enron when he was 27. I'm curious how traders like him trade. Not to make money off it lol, I trade my own way, but I'm just curious what big-size fund traders use to trade. Do they simply have charting software like we do? Seems like they would have a different way of doing it. Just curious.

    Oh, and I read something that says his fund has a meteorologist on staff.
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    I'm sure some folks here can give some details, but here is what little I know about him. He does not do interviews or like attention, but his focus is energy. Based on the amount of capital he is dealing with I believe he is playing trends or themes lasting months and not the very quick trades. He is believed to be the the one on the other side of the NG trade that sank Amaranth. This happened when NG spiked to the $15 area after the hurricanes a few years ago, and Amaranth was long in the out months that are very illiquid. I also believe he got short NG on this last big spike in NG where it was just on the coattails of the oil move to $140 plus. Since his focus in energy, you know why he has a meteorologist on staff.

    Hopefully some others will reply, as some posters in the energy futures area can add much more detail.
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    If you have a link to the article, please post it.

    Also, this thread more appropriately belongs in trading or energy futures and will get more replies if in one of those areas. JMHO.