John Arnold 1st yearly loss

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  2. 1) What hope is there for the rest of us?
    2) How did the other "whales" do last year?
    3) Would you invest with Arnold now when sentiment towards him may be down?
    4) Does the natural gas market seem to be trading more "predictably" as a result of tighter surveillance? :confused:
    5) I don't feel any "shoddenfroid" towards Arnold. :cool:
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    On 2), I saw a ranking for 2010 somewhere( probably somewhere on DealBreaker ) and was surprised few of the usual suspects where actually at the top. I need to find back that ranking.
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    "Trading limits proposed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and other restrictions enforced by exchanges after the financial crisis had also crimped Arnold's big-betting style."

    So he bullied price his way in order to create alpha? I`m fund has ever done that before!

  5. You don't have to put $5b to work... that's a huge advantage.
  6. ?.....2% management fee, "20 times" leverage.......:D
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    He returned all investor capital. The fund is now comprised of only his capital and his employees.
  8. 1) ?......that would be "0 and 100".
    2) I've gotta find out who some his other outside investors were. :cool: