Joey The Specialist - damn funny!

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Singer, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Singer


    Unreleased ARCA promotional song taking shots at specialists. It's HILARIOUS!

    "Joey the Specialist
    Seems to have all the good luck
    He'd penny his grandmother
    Just to make himself a quick buck...."
  2. oh, those were the days... and now they're lovers.
  3. Isnt ARCA buying the NYSE?

    I just listened really good.
  4. DTK


    That is one catchy song.
  5. Singer


    It's already stuck in my head... it was gone for a second, and then Joey screwed me on a late fill just now... back with a vengeance.
  6. MD-R2


    One of life's interesting circles. I have found myself many times saying or writing something about something, only to be connected with that something at a point later in life. There has to be a cliche in this somewhere, I just don't know what it is.
  7. Goodbye Joey,

    I'm leaving for ARCA....

    Don't need ya anymore!

    ((should be required listening....)

    utto, just got a price improvement on my NYSE order.....:eek:
  8. TGregg


    That song's hilarious! :D
  9. Joey is just suckering you in. A few 5-15 cent improvements on smaller lots and then he whacks you with 50 cent disimprovement when you got size. Regardless, I'm catching more and more improvements on ECNs. NYSE "price improvement" cannot even come close to what is given out on ECNs in listed stocks. Sorry Joey, but your edge ain't worth the screws anymore and have not been for the last year. Time move on.

    Song is hilarious, right on the money.
  10. sounds like you're describing what happens to those opening orders and after a while, whamm

    $7,000 loss at the opening....
    #10     Aug 15, 2005