joey ramone and maria b. ! ??

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  1. i have heard rumours that joey ramone developed a crush on and started dating CNBC's maria b shortly before his untimely death. this same source advised that the lead ramone was also a highly skilled daytrader prior to going to the last gig in the sky.

    can anyone substantiate?


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  2. true, he even wrote a song 'bout her titled 'maria bartiromo'...there's an article 'bout da bitch in da ft...very biased one.

    'n'oh, she said she had no idea that mkt wud have reacted da way it did when she open her canotto mouth on da floor.
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    Maria has a thing for Joey's. Before Ramone, she was involved with mobster Joey Gallo from her days as a Brooklyn hat check girl at mafia owned speakeasy's. Then she had a lezbo relationship with Lance Rentzel's ex, Joey Heatherton. And finally the Amy Fisher debacle over Joey Buttafuoco.

    As far as Joey Ramone's market prowess, it's well documented. Ramone opened a datek account with a $4,000 royalty from Rocket To Russia and was an early buyer of Netscape in the mid 90's. At one point in March 2000 he was up over 700 million dollars and was the Taliban's biggest heroin user in the United States. Alas he was a victim both of the bubble and a dirty speedball thanks to the invasion of Afghanistan.

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    see!? solid inside information--- exactly why i read "elite trader"

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    Cute Pabst. The Ramones happened to be my favorite group of all time. I saw them at least 20 times in concert, which is alot for me, since i've only been to a total of 25 concerts in my life.

    Joey was intent on ending his life before he hit the big "50". So was Dee Dee. And they both succeeded in their goal as they both passed at 49. Pabst has it right about the drug use. By the time Joey was 35 he was very hard to understand, though he was speaking English. He had little interest in anything but drugs, rock n roll and women. He did like Maria B. but only in the same way people here think the current CNBC chicks are hot.

    I hope that they cashed in on their anthems, which are endlessly played in stadiums and on commercials. Otherwise, it's obvious they only knew a few cords on the guitar, but they still turned out some great tunes. Rest in Peace.

  6. i am not a ramones fan, but i did see them live once.

    it was amazing! the energy coming off that stage was beyond description. i remember feeling really down since the opening act was very negative, then the ramones hit that first cord and this unbelievable positive vibe rushed thru the club. it was a super "revival" like experience--total bliss. after seeing them live, particullarly since i really dont like their recorded material, i would have to say, perhaps one of the greatest live groups of all time.


  7. ramones were great in concert

    ah, the golden days

    i saw the ramones, gang of four, X (one of my favorite bands ever), etc. all awesome

    sure. the ramones only knew a few chords. that was the point. they were the perfect antidote (as was punk in general) to a trend of overproduced music at the time

    the ramones were also unabashedly "pop". people who listened through the distortion heard the obvious bubble gum pop influences. later, some of their classic covers were unreal examples of this. their cover of "needles and pins" is still one of my faves

    basically, in the early days, they recreated phil spector's wall of sound with three very loud, unsophisticated instruments.

    rock rock rock rock rock and roll high school!

    to quote bono, all you need is "three chords, a guitar, and the truth"

    never been said better

    I know 4, so i must be a multidimensional genius :)