Joel Fuhrman interview

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    Interesting it was shown on Mark Bell's channel, he s a bit of celebrity in the Powerlifting world, although i don't follow him closely and don't know what his current diet is (suspects there's some keto to it as he's switched to Bodybuilding lately and got very lean at time- not his best look imo). I'd much rather Fuhrman discuss the studies in more details, coz if we are talking about only short lifetime increases this might not be worth the hassle. The linebacker quote is sure short on the scientific side, I also doubt being massive is healthy, but football players had the reputation to abuse a nasty cocktail of drugs, not only steroids, and certainly their main health issue isn't eating too much meat. Dunno how doping controls have evolved in football though.

  2. So I should listen to some nitwit that looks like he's never seen the inside of a gym? All things in moderation. Nothing wrong with red meat as part of a well balanced diet, in fact it's a necessity.
  3. I eat a bit of read meat, although much less that I used to. But a necessity?
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  4. We are carnivores and by that design need meat. What we don't need is all the genetically engineered crap that goes into the fake meat most Americans are eating, and we don't need it in mass quantities, but we do need it.
  5. Actually, we're omnivores. And I'm not arguing with you about meat, although I am eating far less of it now than I have in the past, especially the red. My question to you was specifically about red meat being a "necessity," per your prior post.
  6. To say meat is killing people is absurd.
    The average person has a sitting on their ass problem. It has nothing to do with meat.