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    Mr. Krutsinger threw up some pretty impressive equity curves during his presentation at the Vegas Expo. Does anyone have any first hand experience with the system?

    If so please share your experience or PM me. I'd be interested in learning more.

  2. "YOU MAY HAVE ALL 3 of the products presented below PLUS a FULL day of face to face help with Joe Krutsinger, PLUS One Full Year of Unlimited consulting- all for $10,000! (a $20,000 value for the price of a part-time secretary!)"

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  3. Anybody with good trading systems does not sell them. Period.

    Only vendors/salespeople with optimized ideas sell their stuff.

    Probably no better/worse than the next guy.


  4. Are these equity curves from realtime trades or backtest curves?
    Yeah, I know the answer. Enough said.
  5. if the guy could trade he would. there's no excuse, and he prolly has a few, dont believe it.
  6. About one year ago When I was finishing my Bond system, I have tried toget more info from J.K. but they could not produce real money trading record for any period of time .
  7. I have always wondered why anyone who really loved trading would resort to entering a business venture to market retail items. If you think about it and know what it means to "love to trade"....why would you want to do anything else. Guess there is a good reason for some. How can anyone actually develop and trade systems and have time to do all that.....
  8. nkhoi

    George Bashar wants to know if someone has a good system, why would they share it with someone else? Here's my take on this. The first reason is obvious. In fact, George answered it himself in the last paragraph when he said that Joe Krutsinger, whose main forte is developing and testing systems, does not put out a system until he develops a better system to replace it.

    There you have it. The system vendor may now have a better trading system which he/she is using in his/her own personal trading while selling the older (but still profitable) system to the public.

    The second reason can also be deduced from George's description of Mr. Krutsinger -- "his main forte is developing and testing systems." While a system vendor may like developing systems, he/she may not necessarily like trading them. Everyone does not possess the discipline or the psychological makeup for trading. The logical solution is then to sell them. Even Jack Schwager of Market Wizards fame, says in his book that he likes doing research and creating new trading systems, but does like the actual process of trading.

    The third, and perhaps the most important reason is leverage and transference of market risk. Let's say you have $10,000 of trading capital and a great system that makes 60% per year. Starting with $10,000 you can make $6,000 profits in one year, if everything goes according to plan. Not bad, but don't forget the amount of work it'll take, with all the ups and downs and trading for a full 365 days.

    Now lets say you use the same $10,000 as marketing capital to sell your system. You send out 1200 direct mail letters to a targeted mailing list of people who have bought trading systems in the past. Even with 1/2% response, you get 60 order. Now if you charge $500 for your system, you generated $30,000 revenue or $20,000 profit, not in one year, but in a couple of months. Plus all the market risk has been transferred to the buyer. ..
  9. Good points. Eponential leverage.
  10. hmm.....

    Well, the system is supposed to be a non variable, non optomized system. That is how it was presented.

    re: why he isn't trading it himself he said he used to manage money and after two drawdowns some of his clients walked, and he was basically like "I don't need this, drawdowns happen", so since then he has basically been a consultant.

    Draw your own conclusions. LOL.

    Joe allowed the audience to call out random stock symbols which he then loaded up so we could see how they would have traded. Most were traded pretty damn well. Some lost money, but on balance I was fairly impressed, however it is possible that I am gullible because viewing equity curves and sharp ratios is not yet my forte.

    After the presentation a friend and I had him run IBM and AMGN and those were impressive as well, so I made a note to follow up and try and get some more information on the system the following week. That is bascially what I am attempting to do here, although it appears that nobody yet has any first hand experience with it.

    It interested me though mainly because I sat through the presentation and it was pretty obvious that the guy has been developing stuff for about 20 years. Had I not sat through it, I doubt I would have thought twice about it, however there was also a booth there advertising Striker which I always here about but know little about.

    I hear about that one and Abberation alot for some reason as systems that work and have a large following, but I don't know much about them and if they are trend or counter-trend or what exactly.

    Well lets open this up a little further.

    Would anyone like to comment on their experience with any of the following, all of which seem to work on some level because they have been around for a while:


    I think I read somewhere on this board that a while back that one of the big Spoos system was in a large drawdown period recently. Can't remember the system though.

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