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  1. In an interesting development in McCain's use of Joe, not a plumber, is McCain's response to a debate question about late term abortions when he referred to women's health by gesturing with quotation marks as he spoke in a disdainful way the word, "health"

    This seems to have pissed off some women who wonder why the government should stay out of Joe, not a plumber and not a businessman decisions but won't grant a women the same right to decide when her "HEALTH" is in danger.

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    I think those air quotes cost McBush a significant % of his female support. Republican women all over America were suddenly asking themselves "Why am I supporting this inconsiderate dick?"
  3. It's a winning issue for McCain.

    VERY few Americans approve of late term abortion and most educated women are smart enough to recognize the sober reality. The majority of late terms are dishonestly portrayed by the abortionist and the expected as "health" justified when in fact they were elected. I'm pro-life but ya know what? Let those women abort and be haunted by the torment and guilt the rest of their lives. Just deserts.

    Even proponents of Roe v Wade recoil at a fetus six, seven months old being aborted. The only people who're "offended" by McCain's remarks are partisan hard line pro abortionists and they're already Obama disciples.
  4. If abortion should be legal than it should be legal to kill anything or anyone who pisses us off or disturbs our mindset.
  5. FWIW, while watching the last debate with my wife and several other women present, nothing said during the debate aroused them more than when he did the "HEALTH" gesture. One woman who was undecided, said, "that's enough, I'm voting for Obama."

    That CNN meter thing showed the women who were watching had a very negative reaction to his comment and gesture.

    While there is little in the way of polling on the effect of his comment/gesture, this comment may shed some light:.

    "As a mother who almost died during childbirth, the mockery of a woman's 'health' actually being considered was beyond insulting," wrote one woman on "McCain should send an apology letter to all the women who have gone through this."


  6. Yes, it's hard to figure out what he was trying to convey with that gesture. It was a bad mistake, but I don't know that it did as much damage as his overall demeanour.

    I thought the Dems were the the experts at giving away elections, but if the Republicans manage to lose this, it will make the Kerry debacle look like a fait accompli.
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    Seriously what does anybody expect from a guy who told a "joke" about a woman being raped by a gorilla? McCain is a lifelong sexist and his facade is cracking on national TV. And most women aren't as stupid as conservatives wish they were.
  8. Go look and see that late term abortion is 70% teenagers. And because the sometimes they are so (uneducated they do not know they are even pregnant until their 6th month) and they panic, and are poor sometimes too. But late term abortions are NOT frequent or common. If you educate a young girl better at 12 years old about sex, birth control, you might be surprised how she will be better at protection.
    And what upset me about Sarah Palin is how she claims she would choose life for her own daughters pregnanacy if her daughter was raped, but my instinct tell me she says that to the public to keep her pro life image, but really sneak away with her daughter to have an abortion, and hide it from people. Becasue she is a politician and has to keep her image. And if her daughter was raped by a family member do you think any young girl believes Sarah Palin that she would make her daughter have the baby? I do not believe Sarah Palin would do what she say others should do.
  9. Abortion is very very simple to sum up in just a few words.......

    " DEAD, one WOUNDED"

  10. Your big capital words are not scarey.

    Here are mine.
    RAPE of young teenager girl ATTACKED, one SATISFIED
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