Joe the plumber-Tyrone the baby maker

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  1. joe the plumber was expressing his views on wealth distribultion. i think his frustrations are geared towards the black community and the extremely high rate of out of wedlock births. it is an astounding figure,its over 80%. they blame it on rappers disrespect towards women but what about the woman themselves,where is their moral compass? why is it accepted for a black woman to have 3 babies with 3 different men before the age of 25 and then say the government left her behind? we can dump all the moeny in the world into black neighborhoods but until there is a father figure in the home to enforce discipline,structure,and morals,no amount of money will change their status. why does'nt al sharpton or jesse jackson address the real problem! blacks have babies as if they were buying puppies. this is not racist,its fact and its a problem that needs to be addresses in a serious manner. why do all black athlestes always thank their grandmother's and mother's? where is the father? why is it the grandmother's responsibility to take care of her irresponsible daughters 5 babies! think about what happens when a woman who can barely afford to feed herself has not one,not two,but three babies and not be married or have the father of EACH of those kids take some sort of financial and emotional responsibility. CRIME,DRUGS,UNEMPLOYMENT,NO SKILL,NO SELF ESTEEM...the list goes on. this is a LEADING cause of higher property taxes despite what anyone tells you. until this gets nipped in the bud and someone with conviction in the black neighborhood address's this,the country will fall deeper into debt.
    of course those brought up in a two parent household can become criminals or become unwed mothers but we all know its much less likely. to me,its a bunch of nonsense and Joe the plumber should not have to pay for irresponsible lifestyles.
  2. Unfortunately, the value system of American blacks is totally fucked up. Black men engage in destructive behavior, black women are promiscuous. I know it's q generalization, but it still holds true 90 % of the time.
    Would never vote for Obama if he was not raised by grounded down-to-earth Whites (grand parents). Basically, he's an Oreo. I'm sorry to say so, but that's the truth.

    Rev Jackson is a fraud and a scumbag and so is Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and the fucktards who listen to them.
  3. Joe the plumber is a douche. He's not licensed, late on his taxes, prob makes around 40k per year and bitching about a fisacal policy that would increase taxes on people making MORE than 250 k (individual not business.)
    Joe the plumber is a single father, so basically he failed his own marriage. He has no lessons to give to anybody.
    He should go home, keep on drinking (inBev ) beer while masturbating on the FOxnews blondes.
  4. i agree. look at the black athletes,they get millions of dollars and still engage in destructive behavior;ie. carry guns and driving with coke in the trunks of their cars. you cannot keep blaming slavery which happened over 160 years ago on your problems. take responsibility. its a shame because there are so many smart and hard working blacks but at the same time,their culture seems to accept this behavior and constantly uses the same excuses. tale a look at Colon Powell,i respect him tremendously,he must be embarassed. sadly,i bet most black kids don't even know eho the heck he is.
  5. joe the plumber may be divorced but at least he takes care of his kids and works. he has every right to bitch about income distribution.
  6. Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, Obama. Lots of smart respected black people have called on the MASS to change their value system and do something about the total lack of responsibility. It won't happen anytime soon, in my opinion. It takes generations for people to change.
    Maybe Obama, if elected, will project an image to young black kids that in America, you can be whatever you want to be, if only you work hard and stay out of trouble.
    I have my doubts though. Time will tell.

    I also hope that white southerners, a very stupid breed of white indeed, would one day open a newspaper and start reading about the world and stop claiming that Jesus walked with dinosaurs. That'll help the world too.
  7. he's getting a tax cut under obama so why is he against his own interests?

    are all non rich republicans that stupid?
  8. YES. Their hate of "different" people transcends their OWN economic interests. They are THAT stupid
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    ok, I've remained silent on "Joe The Plumber" long enough .......

    Can anyone calculate what percentage of the trillion dollar bailout ended up in "Joe The Plumber"'s wallet?

    Answer, a substantial amount.

    Amazing, for decades we've been subsizing farmers, now we subsize ungrateful plumbers. With Obama at the helm, EVERYONE will be subsized, .. or at least, that is the hope.
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