Joe the Plumber not going away

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock_trad3r, Oct 22, 2008.


    Looks like Obama stuck his foot in his mouth with his redistribute the wealth comment made during the third debate. The tide is slowly turning against Obama in the swing states, especially in Ohio. And he can't take it back. He has no been successfully labeled as a wealth ditributor.

    Perhaps more undecideds are coming to the realization that Obama's socialist policies are bad for working, hard working americans like Joe the Plumber or Phil the Bricklayer or Tom the Teacher.

    Obama is still an elitist who is reluctant to wear a lapel pin and thinks that small towns people are bitter and cling to guns, their religion, and the constitution. The same for his wife who is can't deicide if she is proud or not to be an American.

    AP is calling the race a tie among likely voters. So much for Obama's imaginary 8 point lead.