Joe the Plumber giving out more interviews that Palin?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. I noticed that near the end Joe the Plumber was giving more interviews that Palin and hanging with the McCain and talking with him more than Palin as well.

    What gives.

    Is there a potential Palin/Joe The Plumber for 2012?
  2. "Is there a potential Palin/Joe The Plumber for 2012?"

    You betcha. The purchases of that porno flick by the right wingers would be a record breaker...

  3. Just your basic republican opportunist trying to make the most of his 15 minutes in a capitalistic system.

    Par for the course...

    Americans, especially the republican variety love idiots, it makes them feel like they aren't alone...

  4. Joe the Plumber is no more narcissist then Obama "The One"
  5. Obama earned a bit more than 15 minutes of fame than Joe the dummy did by lying his ass off...
    However, watching the republicans try to defend this scoundrel as some kind of hero is perfect, absolutely perfect...

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    Let's be honest, he hasn't launched a website and he isn't writing a book. He is just the mermaid on the bow of the latest right-wing Titanic headed full steam for another iceberg. :D
  7. Wow heh amazing. This guy really thinks people want to pay 14 a month to join his club?
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    A kool-aid swilling Republican and his money are soon parted. :D
  9. Poor Joe. He's not a plumber, he's not going to buy anyone's plumbing business and his name isn't even Joe. It must be tough being a fictional character.
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