Joe the Plumber Disses McCain in Ohio

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  1. In what must be the ultimate insult at today's rally in Defiance, Ohio where most of the 6000 in atttendance were bused in school students, McCain called out for Joe the Unvetted Plumber who was supposed to be there.

    "John McCain announced that Joe the Plumber was at his rally in Defiance, Ohio Thursday morning. But when McCain called on the campaign poster-man to stand up, he wasn't there. "Joe, where are you? Is Joe here with us today? Joe, I thought you were here today," McCain said. When there was no response, he added, "Alright, well, you're all Joe the Plumber so all of you stand up!"


  2. this is moot. Keep trying, libs. You'll dig up something-after McCain wins.
  3. ak15


    He is too busy cutting a record deal for himself.
  4. My bet would have been on him getting laid, which I imagine he has done a lot lately.

  5. Perhaps Joe is trying to distance himself from McCain. And when he finishes doing that, then he can focus on distancing himself from Palin. Only then will he have a sporting chance at getting the Republican nomination in 2012. Shrewd operator, that Joe.
  6. Speaking of buses, people are saying that Obamanation took Iowa from Hillary by bussing in voters from Illinois. I believe it. That's what the parkbench addresses are about, you can register ringers by the thousands with that.... the guy is just another Chi town typical gangster pol who is black and to the far left...

    I have my fingers crossed that this creep will have shoved the Clintons off the stage only to lose the election for the Democrats when they had a sure win with HIllary...
  7. It's too bad this wasn't perused further when it would have mattered. Obama is a shiester.
  8. You honestly still think McCain is going to win?

  9. It's gone on in Iowa for years. The Chicago Dems go out there in force for whoever Daley endorses. (Daley's strategist is ALSO Axelrod)One only need look at the differential between Obama strength in the caucus states and his weakness in the primary states to see how well Obama gamed/exploited/stole in the caucuses. I give Clinton credit for keeping her complaints veiled but she knew she was ripped off.......

  10. bradley effect will do it. Also most Americans don't want their wealth to be distributed.
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