Joe Terranova: Cnbc/fast Money

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dsq, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. dsq


    THIS GUY is awful.Mugging and acting for the camera on fast money fools...joins that super spaz jeff macke,finerman etc...
    I think he was on earlier too and he was giving all kinds of advice but he refused divulge what he was 'actually' doing/trading with his advice....Doesnt have the courage of his convictions...just excuses
  2. axehawk


    Yeah, but he has really white teeth.
  3. Come on...the worst by far is Guy ADUMMI. This dufus told everyone to get in HUM last week at 47 (it went down to 33 the next day). He also told everyone to get into SLB (at 87) today at 81. I'd rather have a trader say nothing specfic than commit to awful positions. I hope ADAMI has lost big time...he needs to be replaced on that far the weakest link.
  4. he was also telling everyone to buy TOL at 29. the guy Mackie just loves to hear himself talk,its unreal.horrible show.better than madd money though.
  5. trendo


    Mackie is funny to watch. His head looks like an egg with a face. :D
  6. I wonder if there is any actual scientific evidence regarding intellegence and looks. If you look at bloomberg, the women are not as attractive, and the men I'm not commenting on for homophobic reasons. However they seem to be a lot more informed than their CNBC counter parts. I guess it's kinda like watching a fat woman sing, where the songs only beutiful when you close your eyes. :D
  7. subban


    Is'nt Terranova the head of trading at MF...No wonder he;s going to be out of a job soon.
  8. The fool's "trade of the week" was long yen.
  9. your forgetting his best call. BUY GS @ 220 210 200 190 180 170 160 ...and now that its bounced 20 oh yeah BUY GS !

    No one talks their book like this guy. Embarrassing.
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