Joe Sixpack conservatives have no principles

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    Just saw a report on CNN where former anti-abortionists are now going to vote for Obama because their current economic situation sucks.

    WTF, all of a sudden abortion stops being "murder" because their 401K is dive-bombing? These people are as amoral as they are stupid. Looks like the GOP is going to have to find a new red-line issue to jawbone to death. :D
  2. They may have found one.
    Does the word ACORN ring a bell.
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    Yeah, if you saw it on CNN, it must be true, you half-wit.
  4. Yeah, cuz if you had saw it on FOX NEWS you'd know it's true! HAHAHAHAHA! dumbass!
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    NOT with the Obama supporters.

    Head in the sand and that sort of thing.
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    Another bullshit issue with no legs.

    ACORN Statement Regarding Las Vegas Voter Registration
    October 08, 2008

    Over the past year, ACORN has worked hard to help over 80,000 people in Clark County register to vote.

    Hundreds of canvassers and volunteers have worked for months talking to citizens from Nevada’s most disenfranchised communities and encouraging them to exercise their right to participate in our democracy. Their work has been tireless—they deserve a great deal of credit for spending days in the hot sun at public places from parks to community centers to shopping centers helping citizens complete voter registration applications. Most of the 80,000 registrations they have collected and turned in to election officials come from young people, low income people and minorities—the very people whose voices are too often left out of our electorate.

    As part of our nonpartisan voter registration program, ACORN staff reviews every single application submitted by our canvassers. Special, dedicated staff makes up to three phone calls attempting to reach the voter listed on EVERY SINGLE CARD before they are turned in to verify the information. Our callers verify the information on the cards before turning them in to election officials to make sure that as many new voters as possible get on the rolls and to make sure that all of our voter registration workers are doing the high quality work they are trained to do.

    While the vast majority of our voter registration canvassers do a great job, there have been several times over the past ten months that our Las Vegas Quality Control program has identified a canvasser who appears to have knowingly submitted a fake or duplicate application in order to pad his or her hours.

    Anytime ACORN quality control staff has identified a suspicious application, we have separated that application out and flagged it for election officials. We turn any suspicious applications to election officials separately, along with a cover sheet identifying the nature of the problem and an offer to provide election officials with the information they would need to pursue an investigation or prosecution of the individual. (Note that civic organizations are required by law to turn over ANY signed voter registration applications even when they are known to have problems). We immediately dismiss any employees we suspect of submitting fraudulent registrations.

    It was surprising that law enforcement officials appeared suddenly at our Las Vegas offices Tuesday, because ACORN and its attorneys have already been proactive in providing information about problematic cards and any employee suspected of misconduct. In July, ACORN staff and our attorney set up a meeting with Clark County elections officials and a representative of the Secretary of State’s office to urge them to take action on information ACORN had provided. Since then, and as recently as September 29th , ACORN has provided officials with copies and—in some cases—second copies of many of the personnel records and the "problem card packages" and cover sheets with which we originally identified the problem cards.

    ACORN is a community organization dedicated to making everyone’s voice count in the vital public policy debates in our country. Helping citizens become active voters is a crucial part of our work to help build a fairer and more inclusive democracy. We will continue with this important work by encouraging every eligible voter to the polls this November.[backPid]=12387&cHash=b73691350d

    ACORN endorsed the candidacy of Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary. Obama paid an ACORN affiliate, Citizens Services Inc. $800,000 for "get-out-the-vote" projects for his 2008 presidential primary campaign. Obama's campaign has stated that it "is committed to protecting the integrity of the voting process" and is not working with ACORN for the general presidential election.
  7. you must have missed the part where the Acorn rep got one guy to Register 70 times. ( it was on the news today,) and I almost guarantee you he was no McCain implant. More will come out, but the mainsteam media will play it down till it just gets too big to ignore.
    Now I'm not saying Obama has anything to do with it, I'm just saying its gonna be a point for the right to argue. Which may or may not scare some undecided voters away form Obama, unless McCain makes it too ugly doing it.
  8. On the other hand, McCain supporters are quite the educated lot. (see video)
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    hey kut2k2, are you fucking kidding? you go to to get info on ACORN?

    joe sixpack liberals have no brains
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    hey shit4brains if you had evidence to the contrary, you would have posted it.

    You got nothing ... but shit for brains.
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