joe, since you immediately closed the other thread

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by mind, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. mind


    look at the record of my posting. you will find nothing
    whatsoever racist. in fact you will find me having intense
    wars with fascists who jeopardized the board a year or so

    i see the point of not getting the irony of the post, but
    i must say that i do not get why you are still in such
    anger to turn town the thread i started as "mind". i
    guess your job here requires you to be tough guy all
    the time, but, please, calm down a little. you got the
    wrong guy here and since i told you it was an ironic
    reference to an underground movie, you need not warn
    me to "not go that route again". i am not a sixteen year
    old racist.

    now i tell you what my problem is: i am willing to accept
    that the irony was not clear enough and people can be
    offended by my post. fine with me. a discussion on it:
    sure. i am the first to apologize if i am unintentionally
    offending someone. but, SIR, banning me, and after
    i cleared the content of the situation, closing down
    that particular thread without giving me the slightest
    chance to respond, feels like lecturing.

    now please answer to this.
  2. It got deleted because you didn’t use common sense and a bit of class.
    I started the “FILM Lounge” thread over at chit chat, where all films including some of the most obscure ones are discussed. I recently reviewed a film that just came out on DVD, which is regarded by many as the most disturbing and offensive film ever made….. Yet the post did not get deleted, because I used dates, director info, historical points, and common sense.

    The film you cited was indeed legitimate, but you didn’t know how to present it.
    Had you posted it more like this……………………….

    “Gaynig***s From Outer Space” 1992, Directed by Danish filmmaker Morten Lindberg

    It may not have gotten deleted. By the way …. We are only allowed to have ONE registration! I never understood why people use more than one handle.
  3. mxjones


    You used bad judgment, and made a poor decision.

    Be thankful that they are letting you keep this alias even though you have admitted to having multiple. Seems like they are being more than fair to you.
  4. mind


    agreed. that post was not my best idea ... i post so
    rarely now that i forgot how sensitive the board is in
    these matters.

    BTW the film is not disturbing at all ... it is a real cool
    underground, very ironic piece. weird, subversive
    appearance. while the movie as such is obviously
    no budget, the guys are as cool as can be ... anyways ...

    years back there was a real world competitor of me
    here on the board. he knew my handle and i could
    not continue talking about trading systems without
    giving away intimate knowledge. then he went out of
    business, so i can now you use both.
  5. mind


    well, i admit it was bad judgement. but since i have nill
    record of racism or swearing i find an immediate ban,
    without having an opportunity to defend myself, a step
    too far.

    but since all you guys seem to agree on this being the
    right thing ... too bad.