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  1. I've amassed a sizeable amount of $ sellling rags over in the Middle East. You've probably seen one of them in use on MSNBC. Next time, get real close to the screen and enjoy my lovely logo. These ragman rags to be available soon in the good ole USA....have current test market in Mississippi cotton fields. For a small fee paid, preliminary results have been favoreable.

    I have just started remote trading in an effort to build on (or dispose of) excess profits. I'm currently out of coffee cans and room to bury others. Stock trading was my consultants best rec on how to accomplish this goal. Right now, I'm looking at every forum, but have yet to feel cozy. I have made a few trades that did not actually go through since I can't remember those nicknames. I now have a tablet for notes and will keep this journal daily to share with anyone with an interest in either stock trading or the rag profession.

    Look forward to sharing this with you all.

    Joe Schitt the Ragman
  2. Brother Schitt (= Pussy = TradeRX = many others!!),

    Please elaborate further upon the rags that you are selling to our Middle Eastern Brethren... sounds somewhat intriguing!


    P.S. You got any magical flying carpets for sale?
  3. Dear Candle:

    Actually that middle eastern market had me in over my head, which is where the rags fit best. I therefore sold my market to a much bigger firm which has changed the name to something funny sounding. Kinda like "buckets", but I think it has a "R" in there somewhere. They are expanding the product to include housing for displaced terriers who the army seems to be chasing. But, I don't know much because I signed a non-compete claws a long time ago. That's why I'm looking around for a niche here in the US.

    Bythe way I bought a speling book, but the print is real teeny-tiny. I'm gonna learn speling along with this stock stuff. So please bare with me.:D

    Joe Schitt the ragman
  4. Well The 1 response to this beginning wuz allmost overwhelmin.

    I am gonna study up this weekend hopin to get a good start on Monday. My first step is to locate sumbody who will tell me what to do in plain English. Sorta like a guru. That should be real ez with the internet and the yellow pages in hand.

    See ya'll real soon to update my rags to riches story. In the meantime any tips would be helpful, but for now please use the companies' full name, not those confusing nicknames. This includes good gurus.

    Much obliged, and seeya later,

    Joe S.
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    Keep 'em coming.
    As long as you don't say the word "raghead", I'm sure the moderaters won't stop you.
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    Funny Scheet, very funny:)
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    Mr Schit-before you know it a Mr Bright should be contacting you to provide guidance through Bright Trading
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    This is too funny! LOL!

    But does it seem to be a bit 'dark' in here?
    (could it be???) :confused:
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