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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Surdo, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Surdo


    I am looking for a used copy of "Trading Spreads and Seasonals"

    By Joe Ross
  2. balda


    I have it in PDF 7.9 Mb
  3. balda


    This question for those who got this file from me.
    Was that a book or some free material from Joe Ross' web site? I am not sure and would like to know.

    This is what was brought to my attention:

    "Do note that the file was not "Trading Spreads and Seasonals." It was the free trading manual Ross sent out in one-chapter increments and now makes available on his Web site, plus some separate material on spreads and seasonals book."

    here is the link for those in search of the book

    number of downloads is limited policy of
  4. Surdo


    That is the actual book!
  5. mindfull


    Yes there was such a book. I collected it chapter by chapter for months. Can't remember where it is or the name though.
  6. Having read the book, I believe most people will not be able to make spread trading work for them, even if their life depended on it. They (myself included) simply don't possess the trading personality to hold slowly developing positions in pit-traded futures and commodities, typically for many weeks at a time.

    Andy's Spread Trading Journal right here on ET is a good read if you are thinking of doing that. Andy is both a student and an associate of Joe Ross.
  7. FredBloggs

    FredBloggs Guest

    did anyone manage to download the book?

    its now gone.

    if anyone does, do pm me so i can give you an email address to send it too.

    i have a few e-books like street smarts etal i can send in return.

  8. m2n


    If anyone wish to sell a copy (hard or electronic) of Joe Ross' Trading Spreads and Seasonals, please PM me.

  9. Do you give it away ? I am interested too . :)
  10. StreamlineTrade

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    Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Tactics for Traders.

    The book is no longer being offered for free I believe. Originally it was just a copy of his book of the same title for stock trading. I read on his site that he intends to publish it as a hard copy book only and sell it for $150
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