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    Has anyone out there learned Joe Ross's trading methods and traded with them successfully? I keep testing out his methods, mainly Ross Hooks and ledges, and the various filters he discusses in the books (although he does not necessarily recommend them), and the patterns still seem difficult to apply in a profitable trading scheme and can at times have high failure rates. Any comments, tips, filters, etc. for trading with his methods would be appreciated
  2. He usually makes a weekly appearance on Friday afternoon in this forum. :cool:
  3. Post some charts with entry and exits and you'll get answers. Also, you using just the entry signals or the entire trading plan ???

    Also, you manually testing them or via a code ???

    Last of all, I thought they were only to be used as filters or confirmations and not as a stand alone method. Therefore, what method are you using them to filter or confirm ???

  4. never worked for me.
  5. link to thread?

    Just type Joe Ross in the search...most it's just psychological stuff or common sense stuff involving trading.

    However, if you're looking for in-depth trade method discussion without the mudslinging...use google because you aren't going to find it here at ET.

    Yeah...I worked closely with someone that had problems with it too and he was using it too filter out trades at pivot points.

  7. Of all the trading books I've read, Ross's two books (TNT/Gorilla trading) have been the most influential on my trading style.

    I don't follow any specifics per se (other posters have mentioned that a lot of it is psychological) - but the concepts are priceless.
  8. you dont need ross.

    all you have to do is pay up for pumped garbage, and short stocks already down 90%

    thats how the money is made

    in other words, check your brain at the door, and you will reach the promised land
  9. To rephrase what you've said, I agree - keeping track of companies to whom irrationally high values have been assigned by the market, and taking short positions is an excellent way to make money. Going long long-dated, out of the money puts is one strategy I've used that has provided great results.

    No, you don't "need" Joe Ross. There are few books you "need" - and even that list would be subject to intense debate by experienced parties. However, there are some books that I've read that I have found to have added value to my career (which has not been fruitless by any means).

    Perhaps interested users on this forum might find my advice to be of some help to them in terms of their own careers - just as you would expect people to find your advice on shorting.
  10. I've also had problems trading his methods but I know some guys who are successful trading this way.

    For example, one of his students, Marco Mayer just started a Forex newsletter ( and while he also uses different entries you'll regulary find trades that use breakouts of ledges, Ross-Hooks, Insidebars etc. I'm following it now for a few months and so far the trades haven been very profitable.

    In other words, it's definitly possible to trades successfully with Joe's methods but you have to learn when to use them and when to not trade a market.

    Hope this helps,

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