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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Runningbear, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. I successful proffessional trader recently recommended I read the Joe Ross book "Trading is a Business". At $150 I was just wondering whether anyone else has read it or any of his other titles and thinks they are worth the investment.


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    I have read most of his books and they contain some valuable information. I don't like his trading technique very much and as much as I heard is that he is more a book seller than a trader.

    Reading one book of his is recommendable for a beginner... but I would not waste spending more time on the other books because most of them contain similar information.

    Take a look on his webpage... there he offers an online course and his newsletter. I have never spend much more time with his offers beside reading his books several years ago.

    By the way he has a series about stock trading TNT 1 to 4. Number 2 - Psychology and Management has some really good stuff about how to achieve the discipline necessary for trading. He gives a good example of how to create a good trading plan.

  3. I read a couple of his overpriced books years ago. I had a mixed reaction. Some of the chart analysis is quite good. I think I really began to understand that you have to focus on eacxh individual bar, no matter what time frame you are in. I don't like his money managemnt rules at all. He advocates taking multiple contracts in futures, then liquidating one immediately to "cover costs". I did a lot of backtesting and could never get any data to support that approach.
  4. I have read 4 of his books, "Trading Optures and Futions"; "Trading is a Business"; "Trading by the Minute"; "Trading by the Book"...Overall there are tidbits of good info in the books. Some of his ideas are original...Depending upon your level of experience and insight, there are some ideas or food for thought...There are few quick fix ideas in the books, but a general overall philosophy to trading is presented, similar to stuff that Larry Williams writes about...In general, I think that is more beneficial then trying to get too detailed and specific...

    The prices are high for these books...I am lukewarm about recommending them...If you can come across copies of them, by all means give them a shot...But I would not advise spending the money for all of them...