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  1. Yannis


    Does anyone have used copies of any of these books and is willing to part with them? I am especially interested in "Trading Spreads and Seasonals" and "Trading Optures and Futions." Please respond here or pm me. TIA.
  2. Mamet


    I purchased Joe Ross' book on options (along with some software add-in) a while back, and was extremely dissatisfied. Besides being expensive it was poorly written and just covered the basics. The software was terrible too.

    I don't know what happened to it so I'm not offering it to sell it to you or anything, I simply wish I hadn't wasted the money on it so be sure you know what you're getting before you purchase it.
  3. Yannis



    Thanks for the feedback. If, by any chance you find that book, let me know - perhaps we can agree on some sort of exchange. I recently subscribed to their "Traders Notebook" newsletter, which looks very interesting, and want to read some of Joe's books, see what he is teaching, the nature of his trading philosophy and methods.
  4. superfec


    mamet, am sorry to hear you were dissatisfied with joe ross's book on options. the guy seems to know what he's talking about from his website. mainly i was interested in reading TRADING SPREADS AND SEASONALS since joe suggests thatz the way to go for futures beginners. anyone else familiar with joe ross? also, are spreads the best way to break into futures? and if not, who or what would one recommend to someone looking to learn how to trade futures? i was kind of interested too in MARKET VOLUME's site, which seems to have a pretty decent volume based strategy. and i know i'm going scatological here, but what about MARKET PROFILE as way to learn how to trade futures? think i've been surfing too many trading sites....
  5. You can get seasonals through multiple channels. has a reasonably good reputation for seasonal positions and spreads, but you can probably find sites that offer seasonals free...
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    thanx, i had just surfed them the other day, but now me thinx it best to go back and check it out a bit more thoroughly. itz odd how that worx sometimes, huh? thanx again.
  7. Hi everyone,

    I've read all of Joe's books and been on some seminars.

    All I can tell you is that I really recommend both, his books and seminars. Finally he's making money in the markets for decades now...and he's still making it.

    He talks about trading actually. You won't find much theoretical blah blah about trading but simply stuff about how to trade, how to make money.

  8. Ive only followed his work on various forums, as sincere as he seems you will qiuckly find religious faith to come to the surface in all his work.

    If you dont go for that kind of thing, that would be a good stepping off -point.

    Oh, to marco meyer-what do you mean , by "finally", it seems out of place in context.
  9. Thanks Mike,

    that's exactly what I meant. Sorry if that "finally" could be misunderstood...

    I don't want to discuss here if Joe's methods work or not. They work for me, that's enough ;)

    If you don't like the "spiritual" things joe sometimes talks about you can skip it. On his seminars this is additional free stuff. You can listen to it or go home. But it's not necessary to use his methods.

    Thank you,

  10. mokwit


    Seems Joe Ross's stuff only appeals to newbies - it always seems that the people who come in on a Joe Ross thread to say how good he is only have a few posts to their name...............................That's just coincidence right, I mean it can't be a vendor shilliing his own stuff via multiple names?
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