Joe Ross book \"Day Trading\" for sale

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    did you learn from the book?
  2. He learned he'd better sell it before the pages rot
  3. Yup. Awesome book.

    One of the only books I've found that focuses exclusively on price action.

    It's a $150 book. What you learn ain't rocket science. Once you understand it, you don't need the book anymore.

    I can give someone a good deal and recoup a few bucks of my purchase price. Sounds good to me.
  4. How can that be?
    There are tons of books out there that deal with technical analysis. What was this the second book that you ever found?
  5. He said PURE price action. Many of us don't buy into the TA followers argument that PPA is TA. TA's general failure to assist newer traders has driven many to abandon it and just trade price without indicators or other items cluttering the chart.

    NOTE: TA lovers do not need to again whine about PPA is part of TA. We are not interested...

  6. Would the teachings of John Hill apply?
  7. didn't read Hill...
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