Joe Pa, an ignorant moron, or just a pile of crap?

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  1. Maybe I missed it, but I can't believe there hasn't been a topic on Penn. Does anyone really believe Joe Paterno didn't know about this? I have a buddy who is an assistant coach at a D1 university and he has in the past mentioned how the head coach knows everything. I haven't asked him about this, but in the past he always got a kick out of how the head coaches knew everything that was going on, but if it was bad were able to deny knowledge, when they actually knew full well what was going on. Joe putz just chose to ignore is my interpertation, but being the chump he is turning out to be everyone is deciding to give him a pass. I call bullshit on that.
  2. It is wrong, and it is hard to explain if you did not go to a school that is/was a football power. The football program in schools like these is the closet thing to god's on earth that working men will ever be.

    It does not excuse the behavior, but if you want to understand the culture in places like these, talk to someone that went an Ohio State, or a Marshall. Happy Valley is not alone, I can almost bet that.
  3. I went to a D1 school, and one that has too many recruiting violations, as well as grew up and live in a D1 state, but this isn't talking an illterate into playing football for you, and that is wrong also, this is, to me much worse. Raping kids should be a no brainer! I just can't buy the the b.s., and I don't for anyone, not just this situation. Joe Pa and his entire staff and the University should be strung up in the public square, and what happens from there oh well. If this was one of my kids, I guess I hope I wouldn't be caught, but they would all be living a world of hurt.
  4. I will also add I believe the death penalty is wrong, but as a human if it were one of my kids......F em, I would have no issue doing the unimaginable
  5. Isn't the issue surrounding him that he "knew but overlooked"?
  6. Yea, it seems to be that he knew, but chose to ignore. Does that somehow make it ok? Cripes, does that somehow make it ok? I see no end to that train of reasoning that doesn't say the guy knew about it, but chose to ignore it becasue it wasn't convient for his legacy. F--- him!!!!
  7. It's not right. It is wrong, flat out. And Im sure they have told Joe Pa that this year will be his last.

    Did you see the Pep Rally for Joe Pa in Happy Valley. When I say went to a D1 school, I say went to a dominant D1 school where you can see your Alma Mater on TV every week if you want to. That's what I mean.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely is the moral of this story.
  8. And there needs to be a moment where as a society we call the power morons, and hang em in the town square. Jo Pa should be hung out to rot along with the rest of the University that was in on it. And, yes I think that should be the case for school system, churches, etc that shove child abuse to the side and pretend it wasn't a big problem, or we didn't really know about it.
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    ANYBODY that rapes a kid should die.


    End of discussion

    And if you disagree yer probably a pedophile...
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    Penn State should fire that old man immediately.
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