Joe Liebermann will win

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bsmeter, Aug 8, 2006.

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    I've known this for some time.

    Now back to trading and fleecing all the trader-want-to-be's :D
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    Hey kid, it's a battle in a war. Watch and learn on who controls you sorry sacks of dumb shit ( Then again Lamont is'nt too far off from Liebermann on matters pertaining to Zion ). You think being Republican or Democrat in America means anything?!! It means shit to those who control both of your sorry asses. ROTFLMAO! :D
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    I guess he temporarily lost Joementum. The real reason, why he lost was that he didn't appear on the Colbert show....
  5. won't win...not with that face, R0R.
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    Face? Most male politicans are ugly and Joe's face was already good for 16 or so years...

    Finally his constituens realized that he wasn't representing them. End of story...

    Prediction: He is going to lose as an independent, and will end up on Fow News as an expert...
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    Joe Liebermann is one of the most powerful zionist power brokers around ( or was till this election). He'll sign up as an independent and get republican voters to put him over the top in the Final run off. It works out great for him, he'll be even more powerful because then BOTH republicans and democrats will need to kiss his ass even more ( read, kiss even more zionist one world govt bull shit ass, because that's who owns this puppet. The people behind one world govt.)

    You guys remember how Liebermann was one of the first Democrats to come out and Skewer Bill Clinton publicy when Clinton was caught with his pants down?
    ( I bet he thanks his god it was'nt one of the male prostitutes he's rumored to also like the taste of)

    Does this make any sense to anyone?

    Former President Joins Rally for Lieberman

    WATERBURY, Conn., July 24 -- Former president Bill Clinton joined a stage full of Connecticut officials Monday night in testifying to the Democratic credentials of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, whose 18-year tenure is threatened by the primary challenge of antiwar insurgent Ned Lamont.

    Liebermann lost by a slim margin to Lamont. When he runs as an Independent, he'll get all the republican votes and wipe his ass with Lamont.

    Watch Joe win, and it won't be because he puts America first. The zionists don't plan on losing face anytime soon. Watch and learn how your so called Democracy is a rigged farce. This game is far from check mate, it just started. ( you have to let some of the steam out from a kettle, otherwise it might explode in your face. Lamont is the steam release)
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    I disagree on his win. The reason is simple: He is going to divide the Rep voters. The Dem voters will vote mostly democrat, most Rep voters will not trust him fully, plus they have a Rep candidate.

    But I am willing to put a wager on it... You were wrong for the first time predicting his win, and I happen to be the Augur.... :)
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