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    Does anybody have knowledge about real-time performance of long-time trading system developer: Joe Krutsinger

    He has many expensive systems costing 3-5K and are used with Tradestation. I wonder what is the real-time performance of these systems. If they are so valuable, then why does he not keep them to himself?:confused:
  2. His stuff worked...back in the days when a dart thrown at the "Wall Street Journal" would've done as well.

    Does that answer your quest? Very, very few can design systems that worked before *and* work now. Certainly not the kind that produce the results you're after!

    As for value, sometimes the more expensive and "out-of-reach" you price your merchandise, the more appeal and profit it has. Witness women's "couture"! Pretty stupid in some cases but that's psychology of the (m)asses.

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    Please look at his product/system web page:

    He charges 7K for that entire package, and is available by phone or email for personal coaching for one year. I just don't trust that his backtesting will be predictive of future performance. So, I am looking for traders who have real-time performance of his systems.
  4. Wondering if anyone has any experience using Roy Kelly's indicators ???
  5. spinoza. If I told you his systems work, would you go out and pay 7k? Pleeeeeeassseee do not do that. Just continue your study of the markets, you can do it..

    You must discover what works for YOU...this is the grail. Sorry I do not mean to flame your thread or to avoid your question. But I get the impression that you might take your valuable trading capital and invest it with a system that is not your OWN. Use that trading capital to learn with, in a more productive way.

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    Joe Krutsinger has been developing systems for over 25 years, but it looks like he always has new/different systems every few years; and no long-term performance results for any particular system. I don't trust posted results at Futures "Truth"....
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    I have attended his eSignal seminar personally several years back. There were only 5-6 people.

    He is only a programmer! He admitted in front of us that he never traded himself and he asked $7000 for it!

    That does not mean his system will not work, it just means that his systems probably were optimized for backtesting, you be the judge.
  8. I used to check out Chuck LeBeau's site and his systems performance, years ago.

    From the looks of the way they nearly all crashed and burned, they were over-optimised junk. Some of the members of his forum that made the mistake of buying them, were getting the rope and tar & feathers ready...

    If you can't do, write books and teach? Yeah, doesn't fit for all authors of course, but buyer beware! :p
  9. I develop and trade for a living. I don't expect a public system to work, but I appreciate the concept that goes into developing them. Gives me ideas on how systems can be made differently...

    I think it was One Night Stand, that Trader's club was mentioning about... I learned and feeded off that system to develop better ones for myself.
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