Joe Kernen Calls Out Denis Neal-insults Fly

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. dsq


    DENIS NEAL WAS JUST ON SQUAWK BOX PAINTING HIS USUAL BS/ROSY PICTURE on orcl this time...IT was just his usual bs and kernen asks him right away if its in denis's contract to hype shit up...neal kept plowing along and kernen kept challenging and questioning neals rosy bs...kernen was just muttering over neals explanations and finally neal got pissed and told kernen he needed a double dose of prozac and that he was the 'dean of doom' or something close to that...It was frikkin hillarious.KErnen really stuck it to that turkey.Kernen also would turn his back to neal as he was speaking to kernen and would shake his head...Funny as hell...Neal was about to blow a gasket-his legs were friggin shakin pretty bad...btw,neal has stuck a pound of gel in his hair today, he looks really stupid.
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    I hope you managed to make a lot of money from this innovative, timely, cutting-edge financial journalism.
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    hey,fuck off and lighten was funny as shit...sorry u dont get it.
  4. rickf


    Good riddance to Neal. He is smug, whines, and in general I can't stand him. Kernen isn't as bad, but at least there are some times when either he a) makes a valid point, or b) makes me laugh in a good way.

    Neal makes me want to spork my ears out.
  5. I fucking cant stand Neal.
  6. cszulc


    I hate Dennis Neal. Finally someone tells him and his perma-bull agenda off.
  7. gaj


    here's what you need to do when kneale is on:

    1) shut off cnbc.
    2) email cnbc and let them know WHY you're not watching cnbc, and have something else on.

    if enough people do both, they will take action; it's not like other (failed) turn-offs where thousands of people will fill your void just to see what the hubbub is about.

    i'm glad he gets slapped down, but i'd be even happier if he was off the air. and, once i saw he was on squawk box, i went to bloomberg (til 8) and the weather channel/espn (til 9). power lunch is now no longer on either...
  8. who the hell is dennis neal?
  9. gaj


    schmuck on cnbc. hired from fortune as technology editor; he does have a little knowledge about tech.

    incredibly rude.
    face made for radio. voice made for newspaper. brain only good to a bunch of cannibals.
    makes kudlow look like an eternal pessimist.
    never, EVER admits he's wrong. or even close to it. instead, casts aspersions on everyone else who dares counter him.
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