Joe Kernan cnbc does'nt stop

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riddler, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. riddler


    steve leasemen(spelling),the economic guru is a smart guy and i enjoy listening to him. everytime the Leasman talks Kernan interupts him..WTF !!!! he ruins some good commentary. i don't know if this guy Kernan is trying to be funny or what but its annoying as hell and cnbc needs to talk to him about it. very unprofessional and unfair to Steve who i have alot of respect for.
  2. On the other hand... Liesman (That's LIES-man) is far left and seeks to put a pro-left spin on the "facts". Kernan interrupts him to limit LIES-man's pro-Obama policy rants in order to try to maintain some degree of journalistic integrity to the show.

    I say, "sack LIES-man and bring back Marcy".. at least she's got tits!
  3. pspr


    I don't care for either one of them. Kernan is at the bottom of the intelligence scale of those on CNBC and Leisman isn't far behind IMHO. At least Leisman has the facts - he just can't analyse them for crap.

    After the news hour I've been switching to the Sci-Fi channel for more intelligent dialog.
  4. Liesman=boring
  5. they should interview bob pisani more often
  6. I won't argue the merits of Kiernan as an economic analyst, but the guy is fairly smart. I'm fairly sure he is an MIT grad, and did some research in biomedical stuff before he turned to being a broker.