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  1. It has long been a dream of mine to achieve the weath enjoyed by SCT traders. But I obviously am not as worthy, much less as smart, as they. Years of studying the complexity of the constantly evolving method would have driven me insane, were I not already. In my frustration I even came to believe that SCT was fraudulent. But despite my own obvious and numerous flaws, I still sincerely want to be rich. So I started from scratch assuming that SCT works, but is too complex for an idiot to comprehend it, and so an idiot will have to redefine it. Attached is my latest attempt. I am deeply chagrined that to get results even this bad I had to invoke volume. I call this the "PV Non-Relation", but more about that later. Suffice it to say for the moment that I now think that volume is so important that it may be possible to trade ignoring price altogether. Kindly consider the study at the bottom of the attachment. The studies above it are compressed because they are of historical interest only, representing iterative refinements along the way. The figure 31.19 is net NQ points after reasonable slippage and unreasonable commissions. Times are PT, because as most of my disassociates here know, I like to trade early in the morning to keep my afternoons free, so I trade West Coast time. I will present subsequent versions as they devolve. And should moderation or cynical readers think that I am not serious, I assure you that I am. Building wealth via the unlimited potential of pool extraction is no laughing matter. Best regards.
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