Joe Doaks and ET Develop the Perfect System

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Joe Doaks, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Inexplicably, my latest thread was cast into the fiery hell of Chit-Chat. Why? Was it implausible? No. Was it qualitative? No. Was it untestable? No. Was it funny? Alas, yes. Humor and trading do not mix on ET.

    Therefore, you and I are going to develop the ultimate trading system. Live. Uncensored. For all to see and use. Free. Possibly even profitably.

    This system will be based on bar quality. So I ask you, ET, idiots and savants alike:

    "What is the number one characteristic of bar quality?"

    I will then code it for you and chart it. Then we will add another bar quality, building a complete system. Have no fear, I have done it all already, so this will go smoothly.

    Vikana, we DARE you to delete us! And we invite you to participate.
  2. Very simple.

    It must be able to tell you UP FROM DOWN
  3. JackR



    My criterion for a good bar is a good, happy, hour. Or perhaps a good happy hour.

  4. So, Herr Almond Bread, what is the definition of up, and what is the definition of down? My algorithms are in waiting, since I have alkl of them covered.
  5. JackR, I am with you, but this is about trading, not about what trading buys.
  6. ammo


    there is a need for plenty of bullshit flying around that you must learn to duck under and step over,sell high and buy low,doesn't hurt if the barmaid is gorgeous, like a good clearing firm, and of course a few local experts
  7. I dunno, High Potty Miss.
    Where the barman gives you a Bloody Mary with the vodka put in after the tomato juice. Very important.

    This thread is more of the same crap which needs to be consigned to Chit Chat.
  8. Champignon, I like you. You remind me of me in my youth. Obnoxious. Arrogant. An asshole. What was your mother's maiden name? I may have passed through your town.
  9. ammo


    thats point and counter point,choppy markets,make sure your system has a 90% win ratio trading plan for those,every bar needs the old guy at the end who thinks all the young fellers are full of hot air
  10. JackR



    Sorry, misconstrued your objective.

    I really think we need to define "good bar" in a specific trading environment. Obviously (at least to me but I'm not that good at charts), a single bar means nothing. It just shows what happened during that bar's construction. We must compare it to another bar for the "good bar" to have any meaning. So-
    Are we going to discuss the construction of the bar (time, tick, tock, volume, range, renko, etc.) or -
    How to compare the "good bar" to those preceding it?

    Is there a difference between a "good bar" in intra-day trading and EOD trading?

    I realize you are held in awe here on ET. Perhaps my utter lack of comprehension is showing and others understand your general approach to trading discipline. Could you provide some restraints?

    #10     Apr 8, 2008