Joe DiNapoli's methods and sliding time frames

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jem, Mar 7, 2002.

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    I was thinking that I should be prepare myself to swing trade non-financial futures in case we get a good wave of inflation. I look forward to 1970s like wild bull markets running through each market like a wave. Kind of like how the internet stock money found its way into biotech. (Well I can have my trading fantasies cant I). So in preparation I decided to reread DiNapoli's book. I already am a pull back type trader anyway.

    It is a very good book and now that I have four or five more years experience I appreciated some of the subtle points. (There are also some very basic insights also passed off as great observations but so what)

    However, in observing it real time one can see a typical trading problem. Sure there are a lot of great calls just by putting up retracement on hourly or daily charts. But how does DiNapoli suggest one slide down to the 30 minute or five minute chart for entries. I am specifically asking about entries that would fit in well with DiNapoli's methods. Do you use his trend confirmation approach on the lower time frame. IE do you have the trend on the thirty and then just find a retracement entry on the five, or do you only enter on the five when the stochastic sets up the trade against the strong macd on the five.