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  1. Any one have this book for sale? Is it worth reading? I have heard it has good fibs info on it?
  2. fan27


    The book is excellent at explaining the practical application of fibonacci.
  3. prox


    One of the better books for fib confluences..

    Didn't find the rest applicable to my trading.

    Try Amazon for the book.
  4. mojo59


    This is an excellent book but quite expensive. I got it originally from which is like a library. You can get the book for a month with a possible extension for a second month for the cost of shipping($3.75). If you choose to buy it, they will sell it at a fair price. Just an idea as I have read many trading books this way and then decided if it was something I really wanted to keep or just send back. Good luck.
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    More helpful Joe Dinapoli practical info + LBR + Mark Cook +;&
    definitely worth reading is a book by Art Collins.

    Title is ''When Super Traders Meet Kryptonite'';never did believe the kryptonite part.:cool:

    ''The simple believe every word''- Solomon
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    Speaking of, can anyone access it? All I can get to is the google cache.

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    I don't know if you are still having problems but I just got into tradersbrain with no problem. Good luck.
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    Thanks, mojo. Whatever you did now works for me too. :p

  9. At a decent price I'm a buyer.
  10. Hoping someone has this. Will trade or buy.
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