Joe Commisso Superstar

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  1. This was the kind of discourse that used to be here when ET was something more than a bunch of threads titled "Oil Manipulated By Evil Futures Specualators".

    I also find it both scary and weird how my new thread received no response. Commisso was once a hero on ET. In this horseshit place called cyber-land people aren't real hence memories and relationships border on fiction. I suppose we should all embrace a real community. Go shake the hand of your previously unknown neighbor.
  2. ElCubano


    way to go PUBLIAS..... we will never forget you homey....peace
  3. I knew you'd pay your props bro! I miss fantasy football!!!
  4. commiso was one of Et's greats. plus a heck of nice guy to boot!

    hats off to you, JC

  5. Cutten


    "I got it in bad, so I won. That's all I had to do. I should have figured that out the first 10 times when I got in ahead."

    LOL. Poker, the game of skill :)

    Nice score though. Guess he has quit trading?

    And yeah, cyberspace kinda sucks. But in the absence of a local trading group, it's the only game in town.
  6. Who cares…but do tell us about the blonde!
  7. I definitely remember him as a philospher. Nice guy. I'm glad to see he won the bracelet. Good for him. And thanks Pabst for posting the news.

  8. stereo70


    Pabst, thanks for linking the thread...I needed to read that today. Trading is realizing that ET has nothing to do with it.
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