Joe Biden to raise taxes for Income more than $30,000/year

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  1. Joe Biden to raise taxes for anybody who is earning more than $30,000/year
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    Citation please.
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    nice source you got there
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    You mean the democrats are letting it expire. They extended Obamacare subsidies, the pandemic emergency and expanded emergency Medicaid coverage. Raising taxes is necessary when your freebie list gets longer every month.

    Every neutral organization that has looked at this new bill (Penn Wharton, CBO, FSAB, others) has said that (if passed) inflation will continue trending upward in the coming years under this bill and people making less than 200K a year will see far more of a tax increase than higher income people. Don't let actual facts get in the way of a good sound bite. Naming it the inflation reduction act was the cherry on that shit sundae.
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    The Democrats are not very good at politics, but they are not totally incompetent. The smart political thing for the Democrats to do would be to let the tax cuts expire, make sure everyone knows that the Republicans had planned for the tax cuts to expire, then later on propose a tax cut that the Democrats can take credit for.

    Yes, because when the Republicans created the tax cuts, they made sure that they do not expire for the rich.
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    Democrats should later propose a tax cut? LOL. Lemme know when that happens.

    You should probably take a closer look at exactly what Trump's tax cut did for each income level. I don't care for the personal antics of Trump, but for years when he was President the media went on about "inequality" and how all these marginalized people were suffering - while black unemployment was at a historic low and nearly every other metric for lower income people was rising and improving dramatically.

    Fast forward to today when all those marginalized people are actually suffering and the media is silent about their situation. When you say Democrats "aren't very good at politics", I think that's largely because they have very little to brag about given the dumpster fire that resulted from what they've actually done.
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