Joe Biden the idiot

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  1. Okay, why is that stupid? He's said that the question isn't her gender, it's her policies, and that if she believes in the same policies as George Bush that it would be a step backwards for women.
  2. No, that's not what he said if you took a minute to read it.

    "I assume she thinks and agrees with the same policies that George Bush and John McCain think," Biden added. "And that's obviously a backward step for women."

    So to be clear, he has no idea what her policies are, hasn't taken the time to find out what they are or have been historically but will "assume" what they are.

  3. So, to be clear, is she running with McCain or not? And would she be his running mate if she did NOT principally agree with him? Are the dots perhaps a bit too numerous or distant for you to connect, John?
  4. Kind of like Barry and biden "principally" agreeing on voting to give the go ahead for iraq right???

  5. Biden admitted that Obama had gotten it right. Intelligent people make mistakes, too. However, what often sets them apart from others who are perhaps not quite as intelligent, is that they seek to correct their errors after they identify them.

    What else you got, John?
  6. Last I heard she was refusing to grant interviews.

    But if you'd like a list of her policies, you can check here:
  7. The point is you dumb fuck that Biden has no idea what she believes in because he hasn't taken obamas dick out of his mouth long enough to do a little research.

    He should shut his fucking mouth until he has the facts not the assumptions.

    You need a better news service, Palin is giving a no holds barred interview with Charlie Gibson.

    ABC News' Gibson lands first Palin interview

    Man you are an idiot.

  8. Really? Last you heard, huh? Reuters, Yahoo, ABC, CNN, NY Times, Time Magazine - all think Governor Palin plans to interview with ABC.

    Nice to see you stay on top of your facts.

    - Spydertrader
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