Joe Biden Named "Joke Of The Year"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Well, the vote has been counted. And Vice President Joe Biden is the recipient of the first annual, not-so-coveted Joke of the Year Award. It's a BFD.

    Without even trying, the Veepman has provided more laughs for millions of Americans than his highly-paid late-night competitors.

    Biden helped Republican Mitt Romney win the state of North Carolina by declaring there that the middle class had been buried during the last four years, which happen to coincide with the Obama-Biden administration's tenure.

    Twice during the campaign Biden, who turned 70 last month, misplaced himself geographically. Which prompted self-proclaimed psychic Blair Robertson to include among his 2013 predictions: "It will be revealed Vice President Joe Biden has been under medical care for senile dementia."

    Still, President Obama, because he's too busy for minor chores like stimulating the economy, ending the Iraq war and designing new anti-gun violence measures, assigned Biden next to appear to be negotiating a fiscal cliff deal.

    In his characteristically subtle way, Biden has been hinting that he might run for the White House in 2016, when he would be even older than John McCain was when Biden said the Arizona senator was too old for the presidency. No one has ever successfully sought the presidency before from an assisted living home. It would be Biden's third unsuccessful presidential bid.

    In honor of Joey's award and to end this pathetic year on a humorous note, we are publishing this morning links to some of our favorite joke compilations of 2012, many involving today's honoree:

    Joe Biden surprised by Lincoln movie ending

    Barbara Walters named the Most-Easily Fascinated Person of 2012

    Concussion makes Hillary Clinton questionable Sunday against the Ravens

    Under Obama's leadership, U.S. is close to perfecting waffle-flavored vodka

    Obama donors get exclusive access to Joe Biden; For an extra $10,000, no access

    With large sodas now banned, Bloomberg goes after children's laughter

    Obama tells 2012 graduates: Your futures are great, unless you want jobs

    Obama vows to release 10 years of birth certificates

    Olympics: Before games open, Greece already 14 Gold medals in debt

    Obama re-names unpopular health plan BidenCare

    Joe Biden recognizes the girl with the dragon tattoo

    Joe Biden falls asleep during his own speech


    A galaxy far, far away makes home seem a little closer

    Obama hails Kwanzaa of all things, but what about Easter?

    A life-changing conversation on Newtown and other bad things

    Obama lists those to blame for the fiscal cliff and he's not one of them

    Yes, those are real stories available at the link below.
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    I never really knew anything about him, even after he was selected by Obama to be his running mate in 08. I just never bothered to look into his bio or his legislation, he seemed to me just another boring politician. But after his debate with Ryan, I really liked him. Especially when he wagged his finger and said he was sick of the malarkey. He was anything but boring that night.
  3. pspr


    Joe is anything but boring. He's the funny guy in Washington. Of course, the media follows him because you never know what will come out of Joe's mouth. Even Joe never knows what foolishness he is going to say.

    But, like in the debate, most of what Joe says has not basis in fact.
  4. Lucrum


    Neither did most of the ignorant idiots who voted Obama/Biden.