Joe Biden Makes Up A New Story To Fit The Times

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    Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s claim that he heard the gunshots of a 2006 school massacre while playing golf is raising questions about his veracity or his memory.

    Mr. Biden told a meeting of mayors in Washington Thursday that he was about a quarter-mile away from an Amish schoolhouse on Oct. 2, 2006, when a gunman shot and killed five students and wounded five others.

    “I happened to be literally — probably, it turned out, to be a quarter of a mile [away] at an outing when I heard gunshots in the woods,” Mr. Biden recounted. “We didn’t know … we thought they were hunters.”

    But a search of maps of the area in Lancaster County, Pa., shows the nearest golf course to the site of the shooting, Moccasin Run Golf Club, is about five miles away. Rodney King, the golf pro at Moccasin Run, said Friday he was working at the course on the day of the shooting and never saw Mr. Biden, who was then a U.S. senator.

    “There’s a lot of things here that I find hard to believe,” Mr. King said. “I looked in my database, and he [Mr. Biden] is not in my database.”

    Even if Mr. Biden had played at the course that day, Mr. King said, “It’s very far-fetched that he would have heard it.”

    “I know he didn’t hear those gunshots,” Mr. King said. “They were inside the school. Even if they were outside, he wouldn’t have heard them.”
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    The Hildabeast lied about being under fire now that drunk Biden is lying about hearing gunshots?
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    Agree with Mr. King,PSPR;
    thats far fetched. Thanks.

    But even a blind:cool: hog can be right/get acorn sometimes. I actually agree do with VP Biden quote ''we dont want renta cops in schools' Even Mr Biden dosent rubber stamp ALL big gov,LOL!!

    'I am a NRA LIFE member & simply disagree with NRA about putting renta cops in schools.Letting all the teachers go armed ,well OK,and Amen.

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    Birds of a feather or just regular ol' liars?
  5. Liberals seem to have a thihg about inventing heroic situations for themselves.
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    Everybody has a thing about making themselves bigger than what they really are.
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    We've all known people who are like that but I would say the majority of people I've known throughout my life don't unrealistically embellish their lives and positions.
  8. :D

    I'm reading Biden's story and wondering when do we get to the part about the helicopters.
  9. Not me, cause I need to lose a few pounds.:D
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    RCG wannabe Trader comes to mind.
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