Joe Biden Added Zero Jobs To The Economy In 2021

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  1. Yes, it is true. Trump is responsible for the added jobs, not Biden.

    You can't read the whole article unless you are a subscriber, but what you can read is enough.

    Joe Biden Added Zero Jobs To The Economy In 2021 | The Daily Wire

    "But a new analysis shows that the Biden administration’s economic policies did not add a single job to the U.S. economy in the last year; in fact, they may have cost more than 100,000 jobs. Last February, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the U.S. economy would add an average of 521,000 jobs a month between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the fourth quarter of 2021 — creating a total of 6,252,000 jobs. One year later, data show that the U.S. economy added 6,116,000 jobs during that time period — 136,000 fewer jobs than the CBO estimated. But the CBO based its estimate on the economic policies of the Trump administration; the 6.252 million jobs would have been created if Joe Biden had done nothing, according to Matt Weidinger of the American Enterprise Institute".
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    Only number that matters is how many total jobs, not percents
    Here are the actual numbers

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  3. Biden is a liar.
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    Biden was always semi retarded. He couldnt make a dollar in a bank vault. Seriously, it is stunning that he is actually a President.
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    Well to be fair, nobody voted for Biden. They voted against Trump and Donald Trump has no one except himself to blame for that.

    The scary part is you have people like GWB-Trading who actually thinks Biden is doing a great job.

    I think chances are pretty good he will not seek re-election in 2024. The party bosses will see to it, just like they saw to it that he didnt run in 2016. The biggest issue they have is that have absolutely no one qualified on the democrat side. There are actually high profile democrats who think Hillary Clinton is there best bet. What does that say about the Democrat party as a whole.
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    So where did I ever say that Biden is doing a good job? Cite an example.

    Let me help you out with a recent example of what I have stated about Biden's performance.
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    OK, what universe am I in? WC said something sensible.
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    It’s not just inflation: The US job market remains a mess, too

    Unexpectedly high jobless claims last week serve as a reminder that America’s labor market, too, remains messed up — even as President Joe Biden claims he’s making “progress” on the economy.

    On Thursday, the Labor Department reported that US workers filed 230,000 initial jobless claims, the highest since November, and about 15 percent higher than projected. They’d been running at historic lows, but some analysts fear businesses now may be closing down and laying off workers, thanks to the Omicron surge. Vaccine mandates may be fueling the closures.

    An even bigger problem, of course, is the extremely tight labor market: A record number of workers quit their jobs in November, and job openings (10.6 million) remained near historic highs. Plus, the labor force participation rate remains low. The manpower shortages, in turn, feed price hikes.
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    Unemployment filings in U.S. fall off a cliff -- to lowest figure in 52 years -- Thanks Biden

    Who said this?