Joe Battipaglia is bullish!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jnhighland, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Does that mean that the recent rally is just to finish?:eek:
  2. :confused:

    He's a permabull, when has he ever not been bullish?
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    They usually trot Joe B. near a top, and Jim Rogers - at the bottom. :D
  4. Bull for the last 30 years, where u been.

    He makes Cramer look like a pessimist.
  5. Is this is the time to start singing "This is the end"?:D
  6. The guy isn't an analyst, he knows nothing about stocks, companies, investing, etc. He's a mouthpiece for the brokerage firms.

    With all the egg on his face from 2000, one wonders where his sense of shame is.
  7. Isn't that what analysts & TV investing personalities are as well?
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  9. fat joe is the same guy that claimed saddam is resp for 9-11.
    this proves that u don't have to be a genius to work on wall st.
    in fact, u have a lot of dumb sobs who wk at banks/brokerages.
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    I once saw him on CNBS claim, "I'm a bull. I've always been a bull. I'll always be a bull." If that's the case, why would anyone listen to anything he has to say?

    (He's a perma-bull because he knows that no matter what, he'll always have a job. Seems that if you're a Bear and right, investors will still hate you. But even if you're a dumb-ass bull and WILDLY wrong, your crappy calls will be overlooked. Joey Bag-of-donuts understands that.... he's never talking the market, but rather always his career. Like all of the other worthless CNBS Clowns, a worthless POS.)
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