jodie foster

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  1. she finally came out.
  2. don't make her a bad person. Bitchy, maybe, but not bad.
  3. didn't she come out 15 years ago?.

    Yes...she did. Then became a 200mill dollar chick.
  4. Is there anyone who didn't know?
  5. Evidently.

    Apart from the fact she's been living with her partner for over a decade, has kids by iv, and zero tabloid love interest stories, i guess it could have been tough to pick.
  6. The Advocate already outed her and Anderson Cooper earlier this year.
  7. WTF do YOU care, are you doing her, or Anderson?
  8. Ugh. Must be a "grandmother figure" thing. Either that, or she's got a tongue that would make Gene Simmons jealous!

  9. you wish you were doing her, least she got more $ than hag (wife) your (reluctantly) doing now

    just kidding you, man (or am i) :D
  10. Heck, I never knew. I recall seeing her for the first time guest starring on Family Affair, a sitcom in the...60s? She was a tomboy then, but that was neither here nor there. Since then, I watched her grow up into an accomplished and good looking actress. That she is only 5'2" made her that much more appealing to me. I don't follow the tabloids, so I never gave a second thought to what the rumors may or may not have been. I didn't even know there were rumors.

    If I had a crest, I'd be crestfallen. Now my chances have gone from 0.000001 to 0.000000001. I hate when that happens.
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