Jodie Foster takes 10 billion off HP market cap!!

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  1. the lesson? Market Sentiment, market sentiment, market sentiment.

    How is this calculated, price, price, and price.

    What leads price?

    Volume, volume, and volume.

    If volume cannot be read? you get the pattern.

    This woman has no impact on HPQ as a company, too bad I don't trade stocks at this point, HPQ looks like the posterchild of drama, no way these levels hold.....or they might, tomorrow will see.
  2. TRS


    Jodie Fisher
  3. She's a seven, and past her prime. Damn.
  4. pump a 50 yr old and lose your job, is it worth it?
  5. Jodie Foster is a rug muncher. Don't think she likes males...

  6. Wayne gets it
  7. nitro


    Yeah, too bad for straight men. I would date her in a micro-second. Not only is she pretty, she is a sharp wit and a fine actress.

  8. My cousin was in Jodie fosters army

    Otherwise. I don't know her

    :D :cool:
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