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  1. Jocke


    3 days ago was my 33:th birthday.

    My goal is to become a full time trader before end of 2003.

    Below are NQ futures paper trades for January 13.
    Trades are posted in real time @ #IndexFutures (Financialchat).

    Type	B/S	Time OP	Price OP	Time CL	Price CL	Points
    NQ	BOT	2:36	1 086,50	2:38	1 085,00	-1,50
    NQ	BOT	2:44	1 085,00	2:47	1 086,00	1,00
    NQ	SLD	2:48	1 086,00	2:50	1 085,00	1,00
    NQ	SLD	2:58	1 083,00	3:01	1 082,00	1,00
    NQ	BOT	3:08	1 082,00	3:10	1 083,00	1,00
    NQ	SLD	3:10	1 083,50	3:12	1 082,50	1,00
    NQ	SLD	3:15	1 083,50	3:20	1 084,50	-1,00
    NQ	SLD	3:22	1 086,00	3:26	1 085,50	0,50
    NQ	SLD	3:27	1 088,00	3:28	1 087,50	0,50
    NQ	SLD	3:41	1 084,00	3:45	1 083,00	1,00
    					Total:.............	4,50
    Yes, I used to be "". Jocke is my real name.
  2. Try going into the chat.. watch the "nitro" trade... post calls in there too...
  3. Hi Jocke,

    #IndexFutures is one of my favorite hangouts (a few very good traders in there...I know one of them personally).

    Good trading today for you and I remember seening some of those trade posts today in the room.

    You didn't waste anytime...9 mins after your arrival in the chat were posting trades :cool:

    Do you only trade the NQ?

    Meaning...if you get a trade signal in the ES...would you trade that instead when NQ has no trade signal?

    Also...are you using a realtime simulator for your paper trades to compliment your trade posting in the chat room?

    Note: I trade both...I'm not bias towards one over the other. I just go with the trade signal.


  4. Try trading ONLY S&P Minis.

    Way easier.

  5. Jay,

    His trade methodology may be setup for the NQ.

    However, I agree that the ES will often have clearer trade signals.

    Yet, on some trading days...the NQ is the better trading vehicle via my trading methodology.

    Hopefully Jocke's journal is via both NQ and ES.

  6. What's the link to #IndexFutures? I have not heard about this site.

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  8. Jocke


    Hi nihabaashi,

    At the moment I focus on NQ. Less noise, lower risk IMO.

    Right now I have a manual simulator, but working on a system utilizing "Automate" ( to post trades in chat room. Are there any good "systems" already available?
  9. Jocke


    I figure I need on average 300$ average daily trading profits (excl. comm.) before I can take the step to full time trading. That’s 15 NQ or 6 ES points trading 1 contract.

    My plan for 2003
    Jan-Feb: Paper trading + research
    Mar-May: Paper trading + occasional live trading + research
    Jun-Aug: Live trading 1 contract
    Sep-Oct: Live trading 2 contracts
    Nov-Dec: Live trading 3 contracts

    Trying not to think to much about trading and stuff like this. I think it’s important to keep a distance from trading and not get to involved or excited.
  10. Jocke,

    I don't know of any other public software that will automatically post your trades to a chat room if that's what you mean.

    (read carefully below what I say about the private rooms)

    However, many public and private trading rooms have trade posting scripts for their realtime chat rooms.

    For example...some scripts are basic and no different than manually typying Long NQ @ 1200.50 via a few clicks.

    In fact, you should talk to the moderators in the #IndexFutures room because they have a basic trade posting script that post your trades into the chat room.

    Yet, the best trade posting scripts are usually being used in private trading rooms and are specific for those rooms via how they are coded.

    Such scripts do calculations, post in colors and a few other things to let other traders in the room know exactly what you did/doing in that particular trade...

    For example...Long NQ @ 1200.50 stop/loss at -1.50 with profit-target at Upper BBand...scripts like these are being used in private trading rooms.

    In fact...I am using one particular private trading room where a guy uses a software to automatic post his trades into his chat room via every action he takes in his actual trading account.

    Something he designed...something that's not for sale nor sharing.

    Simply, as you hang out in some of the good trade posting rooms that are public...

    start asking those that post their trades...ask them about any private trading rooms (most private rooms are invitational only while others requires free registration...helps in keeping out the spammers, lurkers, trouble makers and wannabe traders (guys that talk a lot about trading...but actually don't trade).

    Hopefully you can get your foot into the door of one private trading room that may open the doors to other private trading rooms.

    Simply...the #IndexFutures on the FinancialChat server has a lot of traders...good ones and bad ones and lurkers...hang out...participate and see what happens.

    Note: You aren't going to find any answers to questions if you lurk.

    P.S. I don't know if your using any indicators or specific trading tools...but there are also some public and private rooms via realtime chat on the Othernet and FinancialChat servers...

    For example...#FibMarkets for traders into Fib numbers or #QCharts for traders using that particular charting program.

    There's even a private chat room for women traders only (potential members go through a verification process and it's invitational only)

    Yet...a lot of traders don't like live-realtime chat rooms...

    however, I think they will keep you more in the light instead of in the dark.

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