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  1. So, everything is better now, with the 'Hugo Chavez Bank Nationalization Act of 2008' just announced by Paulson, right?

    We no longer need to stem the loss of jobs, let alone create new ones.

    We can just inject liquidity into the economy, and even just pass out freshly printed cash to the unemployed, underemployed and anyone else who wants some.

    Instead of soup lines, we can and should have government offices whereby people can stop in twice a month and pick up a preloaded $10,000 debit card - just like the cards that were handed out in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

    What a sad time in the history of this country. Recessions are banned, banks and companies can no longer fail, and the notion of supporting the currency is archaic rubbish.

    Government is all-powerful and benevolent. The Church of the Federal Reserve and the Temple of the Treasury will save us all.

    Get some. A filet mignon on every plate.
  2. mark my words

    Christmas Preservation Stimulus Act coming to a theater near you
  3. People need to get out there and spend this Christmas, don't matter what you buy just buy something. The earlier stimulus check that was sent out this summer was spent on "on line porn" Hopefully, the Christmas stimulus people will stock up on Clappers and Big mouth Billy.

  4. MattF


    because God help us all if Christmas isn't being spent on stuff this year :p

  5. Agreed. Regardless of who wins 3 weeks from today.
  6. Christmas for everyone but the UNBORN CHILDREN that will be left with the tab for this drunken orgy of credit.
  7. Sounds good. No American needs to work anymore...we can just pay the chinese and indians to make us stuff and send us food while we sit around and watch TV.

    Reminds me a little bit of the time machine. Americans are the Eloi who sit around enjoy life and the rest of the world is the morlocks who makes our clothes and brings us food.

  8. Ummm... didn't those effete chaps get eaten in return for their life of ease?
  9. Hahaha I have one of those. The nephew loves it.