Jobs report was super Goldilocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. silk


    This market is getting funny. And pretty unamerican. Guess America is dead. Its freaking forth of july.

    How many times have i been squeezed crazy by luke warm jobs reports in past? Too many to count. 83k jobs is better than all last year when market went up to higher levels than we at now on negative jobs. Kinda funny. If market had held Kudloe would of been Screaming Goldilocks.

    I happen to be long today so hope to squeeze shorts a little into close. No idea what happens, but i bet that alot of stocks up huge from current levels by sept. Happy 4th.
  2. i agree. funny thing is that it is quite clear:

    less jobs = more profit = stocks up
    more jobs = less profit = stocks down

    it is really obvious. this is the flimflam. all the really rich people want high unemployment. they pay less, wages are kept in place, but thier only worry is deflation, which they are fighting with 0% interest. rich getting richer every way.