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Discussion in 'Trading' started by William Rennick, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Concensus was that a soft number would produce a rally, yet premarket is hitting lows, after being nicely higher. This may get interesting today, Market has a strange feel to it. I haven't felt this quesy since the night before the Tet offensive. Anyone else here feel this way.

    ...Rennick out
  2. consensus,,oops. ok, so i f'd up the spelling.
  3. buy it?
  4. gordo


    yeh, thought that myself.

  5. rennick are you 14 or 60?
  6. Hey Floyd (hairdresser) your not getting weak kneed on your "ALWAYS, ALWAYS,ALWAYS, buy the dips" plan are you?Cmon Big boy here's a dip, act like John Wayne, kick down the door, and rush in with six shooters a-blazing.
  7. I have. thanks for your support. I guess the latter age.


    I guess Andy, Barney, Gomer and Opie haven't come in for their haircuts today so he's ranting the same as yesterday. I imagine he's getting smoked though given the direction the market since his GOOG ranting.
  9. All you do is rag on other posts. Typical troll like behaviour. Why dont you do something useful and help your mother in with the groceries or clean up around the house.
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