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    Did your hedge fund recently go under? DealBreaker is here for you--

    -- Electronic Trading Modeler,
    PhD “Quant," NY; competitive comp; the work will involve mining intra day data on prices, volatility and liquidity to model and predict short-term market behavior/opportunities; dancing girls.

    -- Relationship Management
    Support/Corporate Coverage for BNP Paribas, NY; insanely high comp; financial/quantitative analysis, pitch presentation, acting as backup for the RM with clients; dancing girls.

    -- CDO Structurers,
    NY; $200-900K comp; bring your quantitative structuring skills and get ready to thrive; dancing girls.

    LOL :D :D :D
  2. Bloodbath, Bloodbath, Bloodbath: They keep going. DE Shaw is said to be taking serious losses, some are saying as much as 20%. SAC is supposedly running "running algorithms in reverse" to profit from the confusion.

    from the same site.

  3. Susilovic

    if this is your last name, I just love seeing my original country men in this business
  4. Susilovic..........a fine Irish name indeed.
  5. LOL