Jobs numbers may be "delayed"

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  1. ?.......The unemployment rate will hit 7.5% but 150,000 jobs will have been lost. :eek: :( :mad: :D
  2. LOL at all those conspiracy theorist nutbags posting on the WSJ about Obama delaying the numbers for political purposes.

    I actually live on the east coast and EVERYTHING is shut down. They can't get the report out if no one is in the office.

    If people were going to the office during the hurricane, people would be crashing and dying. Then the jobs report would be delayed because their entire staff were in car crashes lol. And those nutjobs would still find a way to say Obama did it.
  3. It's pure racism. Obama is basically Bush junior, same policies, but they love Bush and hate Obama. Only one thing is different.
  4. Romney all the way baby!!
  5. Thanks again for confirming that there is absolutely no point in talking politics with an Obama supporter.

    I somehow doubt that the passage of "BushCare" would have caused Lefties to celebrate in the streets like they did when ObamaCare was passed. I doubt Bush would have passed Dodd-Frank if he'd had another 4 years in office or the new Consumer Protection bureau.

    Where Obama did keep Bush policies in place, it's because no rational person, given the information, would have changed them, i.e. they were the right policies.

    Ideas are not bound to specific races, so opposing an idea isn't the same as racism. Unless you are saying that the ideas Obama has are somehow "black" ideas. Is that what you are saying? Because from where I sit, all of Obama's ideas were developed in the 19th and 20th centuries by a bunch of European white dudes who called themselves "socialists" or "social democrats". Maybe if you cracked open a history of ideas, you'd know that, but, of course, it's much easier to throw accusations of racism at people.
  6. Who is putting forward conspiracy theories? I just posted a link, and the other guy asked why so many people gave up looking for work.

    More liberal delusions at their work.
  7. The entire WSJ commentary section.. and I'm not a 'liberal' wtf are you talking about. Even if I was, what would it matter?

  8. Bammy is the best republican president. That's for sure.
  9. looks like the report will come out on time after all

    all of the data has already been collected
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