Jobs number leaked ES futures up.45%

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Must be a good number, futures lifting off.
  2. Hard core fluff. Gonna fade the open.
  3. A real side show going on wipping all over the place.
  4. What a pumo and dump amazing, fuck this market!
  5. That was the easiest fade ever.
  6. You must have had a pretty wide stop. They spiked it up pretty big just before the numbers came out. Nice trade!
  7. <i>"Nice trade!"</i>

  8. 90 points in YM. I was confident we would break out of this 3 month range. Just no real direction.
  9. Pretty clear the market is going to go up today regardless of the numbers. NFP estimates were low to begin with, easy to beat. And if the numbers missed => Fed more likely to cut rates.
    #10     Apr 4, 2008