JOBS number is horrible

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Warrior4g, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. the rate dropped ameasly tenth of a percent but we actually lost 20l manufacturing jobs and lost 17 thousand non farm payroll jobs when the street was expecting gains. looking under the hood,these numbers were bad. also,average workweek fell.futures took a hit on this news.
  2. we lost 28k manufacturing jobs and loss 17k non payrolls,. earnings were down as well.
  3. the unemployment rate is gold plated BS.

    at this point it's just propaganda for the gubmint.
  4. Question is: Was much worse discounted in the markets? I see little reaction to the job numbers in bonds (so far).

    Let's see ISM at 10am.
  5. but the "gurus" on CNBC say there's no recession so no worries.
  6. I think 44B for yahoo trumps jobs today, pretty clearly. Has anyone noticed merger and acquisitions are hitting the news everyday lately? This isn't a bear market anymore (not at least for now). Corporations have the cash, and are buying at the right price. Credit default swap collapse may never come to roost (past whats happening now), according to players. If it doesn't, then we're at bottom.

    Murphy's law: as long as it took the bear market to be defined, its over.

    That 1250 day was your capitulation last week.

    (I'm not saying everything is great.. there's still plenty of risk. but recoveries are forward looking. With this fiscal stimulus, jobs and earnings will likely be fine 6-9 months forward -- according to the markets (since we're not going lower)).
  7. People got duped by the ADP employment numbers again. Everyone was leaning long going into the jobs number thinking it would be similar to the numbers on Wednesday. And looks like the YHOO MSFT news was leaked yesterday afternoon, explains the strength in the afternoon and the strength in the overnight futures.