Jobs for practicing traders

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  1. Before making money trading, one needs to practice until he is "good enough" at it. While practicing one needs to support himself. What jobs are good for a practicing trader who cannot work during market hours?

    Suggestions? Experiences?

  2. 1) Take whatever you can get, not what you want.
    2) Since markets trade from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, there really isn't an excuse for being "away" from the market.
    3) Jobs?.......Retail, restaurants, bar tender, poker, the usual stuff that's available weekday evenings and on weekends.
  3. work a 3pm-11pm shift or 8am-5pm and trade during the lunch hour..become an expert at that time...for real
  4. I agree. Take every opportunity that comes to you.

    Also, it would be good if you take jobs that are associated with trading like those in the finance or sales or marketing field jobs. The knowledge and experience you will gain from those fields will be useful once you decide to be a full time trader.
  5. 1) I agree too.
    2) I disagree with the "trading value" of those fields. Oh well. :cool:
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    Become a guru and teach others while you learn. :)
  7. Work on the trading floor and sell good and services that other traders may want or NEED to subsidize your trading. Some have made a good living doing very little else
  8. Which trading floor would that be? Seems like most of the "floors" are now lots of traders doing their trades electronically.

    Here are market makers in the modern world (Philadelphia Exchange). Notice the lack of colored jackets and people screaming and yelling in a pit?

  9. I only trade official open hours CST 8:30 - 3:15. ..close to graduating with a finance degree, though may not use it if working a 2nd shift job. Currently looking for finance related jobs open during 2nd shift, for a higher wage. Take what you can get... that would do the trick.
  10. I agree. The job is only to pay bills and make the daytime available.
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